Operations Lead

Boost Biomes is using the powerful social networks among microbes to provide novel, sustainable solutions to feed and heal people everywhere. Our technology differentiator is the development of a causal understanding of microbial interactions powerful enough to allow the rational construction of designer functional consortia.

Our first products seek to reduce the enormous waste in agricultural products due to crop loss to fungal pests in the field and post-harvest. There is significant need for new biological, organic, safe biopesticides for crops; current chemical products have many challenges, such as regulatory burden for growers and safety concerns of consumers.

Harnessing the power of microbiomes will be imperative to a sustainable future. Boost’s core technology is a proprietary discovery platform that uses high throughput sequencing, selective enrichment and advanced informatics to identify microbial products with important commercial roles. Boost is uniquely positioned at the leading edge of a quickly expanding field looking to tap into the value offered by understanding and engineering microbiomes.

Boost is looking for a dynamic individual to establish and maintain key corporate, office and laboratory operations. As Operations Lead, you will identify means to increase and improve the quality and efficiency of company operations; identify operational inefficiencies and address these, preferably in an automated or an outsourced manner; and identify opportunities to outsource or automate standard corporate operations.

The Operations Lead will manage operations at multiple levels: corporate, office and lab. Corporate operations will include legal, HR, finance, and general administration. The Operations Lead will support colleagues to execute on programs and/or facilitate company communications and operations with processes and modern tools for program management. Office operations will include general ordering, shipping and stocking. Lab operations will include maintaining stocks of chemicals, media, reagents, equipment in good working order, including advising and purchasing regarding new equipment. One of the first key projects for the Operations Lead will be to source, secure and manage the move to a new facility for the company, including lab start-up, layout, organization, and operations.

In addition, the Operations Lead will identify, manage, secure and maintain all appropriate permitting for the company. Where appropriate, this portfolio will also include managing external relationships with partners we’re working with on regulatory issues, as well as regulatory consultants, including managing internal relationships to ensure that regulatory issues are addressed effectively as our products progress toward regulatory certification and/or approval. These will be via US and foreign regulatory agencies. Finally, the Operations Lead will manage logistics and supply chain as the company prepares the first products for launch in the coming years. This aspect of the role will include the external-facing responsibilities of working closely with manufacturing and distribution partners.

With this portfolio of responsibilities, the Operations Lead must be extremely well-organized, process-oriented, efficient, effective, highly motivated and dynamic, and able to mobilize colleagues, including to adopt new processes. The Operations Lead will report to, and work closely with, the CEO; and will play a highly-visible role on the management team.

You are experienced in working with laboratory personnel, with an understanding of the timing and processes involved in running a biotech company and bringing these types of products to market. You are an excellent communicator for a broad range of media and audiences. This is a singular opportunity to work at the forefront of a cutting-edge field with opportunities to make direct, meaningful and impactful contributions to critical, real-world problems.

Required Skills

  • Experience working with diverse teams of colleagues towards clear, measurable goals under short timelines; startup experience strongly preferred.

  • Demonstrated excellence in managing operations; clear examples of introduction and adoption of processes that increased efficiency and effectiveness for company operations.

  • Experience in program direction, modern program management and information-sharing best practices.

  • Experience in establishing and maintaining effective and efficient lab operations, with clear practices to ensure high-quality operational processes.

  • Extensive industry experience required

  • Demonstrated excellence at generating and achieving a vision for company operations.

  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills.

  • Excellent coaching, mentoring and leadership skills.

  • Experience preferred in the following:

    • Understanding of microbial and/or agricultural product development;

    • Understanding of regulatory processes for biopesticides;

    • Implementing automation.

About You

  • You are detail-oriented, process-driven, dynamic and passionate. While you know that startups are chaotic, you enjoy the challenge to bring order to the environment, and work exceptionally hard to achieve efficiency and effectiveness.

  • You are excited to contribute to overall company strategy development and operations; you will quickly develop an operational vision for the company that supports the overall corporate strategy.

  • You will be comfortable leading up, down and laterally, internally and externally, in order to ensure the company successfully achieves corporate goals as rapidly as possible.

  • You are extremely effective at identifying challenges, problems and inefficiencies; solving and addressing these challenges; and automating and/or outsourcing these solutions

  • Driven leader, comfortable in a dynamic, entrepreneurial, fast-paced, high-energy environment, able to meet multiple aggressive deadlines.

  • Bachelor degree in relevant technical area required (microbiology, molecular biology, agronomy, etc), advanced degree preferred * Extensive experience in industry (biotech and/or agriculture or related fields) is essential.

  • Local to the SF bay area.


  • Facilitate company move to a new facility, and establish best-practices and organization in that new facility.

  • Rapidly identify company operational challenges and opportunities to improve overall company efficiency and effectiveness; rapidly develop and implement strategies to address.

  • Develop vision for overall company operations

  • Manage permitting and regulatory process

  • Establish external relationships that support company operations

How to Apply

Email hr@boostbiomes.com your resume and a short cover letter that includes why you’d like to obtain this position.

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