Engineering microbiomes for a sustainable future



To harness the potential of microbiomes

mi·cro·bi·ome / mīkrōˈbīōm / noun the microorganisms in a particular environment.

Microbes are the most efficient chemists on the planet. When working together in a microbiome, their efficiency is greater than the sum of their parts. They play critical roles in areas ranging from agriculture to human and animal health. Harnessing their potential will be imperative to a future of sustainability on a fixed planet.



Unique approach to improving microbiome function

Our proprietary discovery platform uses high throughput sequencing, selective enrichment and advanced informatics to identify microbial products with important commercial roles.

This approach is faster and less expensive than traditional approaches and uniquely identifies multi-microbial products which are often more effective than single microbe products.



First application is in agriculture

We are using our platform to enhance agriculturally relevant microbiomes. Initially we are focused on developing safe and effective naturally-occurring microbes and consortia which can manage diseases of high-value crops.



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